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If you are Accredited with The Joint Commission or are seeking Accreditation and have Compliance Review Services, Inc. “start up” product you should have this update package. By inserting the changes/updates into your already purchased product your agency will be compliant with The Joint Commission 2010 standards . Replace the revised pages once purchased and remove the original outdated material . Updates include revisions to the following : Admit Pack., Application Binder, Incident Binder, Equipment Management, Safety Binder ,Infection Control Binder ,Electronic documents and policy and procedure manual

This is the update to the policy manual based upon the 2012 TJC standards. If you previously purchased TJC set of hospice manuals Volume I and II this is the updated version of Volume I, there are NO changes for Volume II.

This is the policy that includes the national patient safety goals and the agency’s compliance with such. It is an update policy to the 2012 one previously produced by Compliance Review Services, Inc.

Job description for Administrative Assistant

This form allows the client to designate a person who is competent to care for them in the event the agency staff is unavailable. This form can be used for Pediatrics and/or Primary Home Care recipients. It can also be used for any other situation in which the family or friends are providing some of the care to the client outside of the agency staff.

This policy update reflects the DADS requirement Chapter 97,97.301(b) related to Retention of Client Records and will replace your current TJC section entitled, Record of Care Treatment and Services.(RC)

This home health and hospice form is when the nurse is requesting something of the physician such as permission to get an air-mattress for a patient. When the physician reviews the top portion of the form (the nurse request portion) and then completes his/her section it becomes a physician order. So many nurses document telephone orders when they never spoke to the doctor's office. This tool allows the nurse to truly request orders and document the request legally and within the scope of her practice.

 This policy is intended to meet the requirement for a DRFCA policy and procedure for those agencies who net 5 million dollars or more and must institute such a policy. 

This version was updated August 2011 to incorporate the new changes that became effective 8/1/11. This version meets DADS (97.256) requirements in the State of Texas and Accreditation Standards.