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Sept 2012 PAS Administrator and Alternate Administrator


 In order to stay in compliance with State regulations, new language has been incorporated to these job descriptions relating to the increased accountability of agency Administrators and Alternate Administrators. These 2 new job descriptions will need to be in the personnel files of your Administrators as soon as possible.

This change effects all home health and hospice categories Administrators and Alternate Administrators in Texas:
1- Licensed and Certified Home Health with or without PAS, Accredited or non Accredited 
2- Licensed Home Health
3- Personal Assistance Services(PAS)
4- Hospice Licensed and Certified, Accredited or non Accredited
5- Licensed Home Health - Therapy only
Refer to: Chapter 97, along with portions of the 7/12 Senate Bill (SB) 223 and House Bill (HB) 1720, 82nd Legislature